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Tournament Details:

Payout ratio:
    Gran Prix Senior Division : 1 for every 3 entries (which includes the highest senior over 60 & over 65)
    Part Time Bowlers Tour Open Division  : 1 for every 4 entries (which includes the highest senior over 50)

Entry fee is $110
Open: Entry fee is $95
  • 8 Games qualifying on a scratch basis.
  • Top 5 stepladder roll off.
Doubles: Over / Under 50
    Entry fee is $100 per person (Actual Birthdate determines Over / Under player)
  • 8 Games qualifying on a scratch basis.
  • Top 3 Teams stepladder roll off.
Normal Events
Gran Prix Senior Tournaments
Check in – 8:00 AM to 8:50 AM
    Start Time –  9:00 AM

Part Time Bowlers Tour Tournaments
    Check in
– 8:00 AM to 8:50 AM
    Start Time –  9:00 AM

Special Events
Entry fees and start times may vary for special events. The information will be posted
on our Homepage / tournament fliers.    



1.      USBC rules will govern all Gran Prix Senior Tour (GPST) and
Part Time Bowlers Tour (PTBT) events
In all matters not covered by these rules, the GPST / PTBT  Directors
decision shall be final unless an appeal is made in accordance
with USBC Rule 329.

  Seniors Tour  - Seniors over 50 years of age. If a bowler turns 50 years
of age during the 2019 calendar year, he may bowl our first event in 2019.

  Open Tour      - Open to all bowlers.

3.       Entry Fees: 
  GPST – Singles Entry fee -  $
110 – Doubles $220 per Team
  PTBT – Singles Entry fee -  $105 – Doubles $220 per Team

  ***  Note - a late processing fee of $ 5 will be charged for all
walk-on entries. This fee will be added to the Allstar prize fund.

4.       Tournament Format: The GPST / PTBT reserves the right to modify
                    the format due to lane availability, time requirements, etc.
    Singles  - 8 games 9 games of qualifying
                   - top 5 bowlers in a stepladder TV style roll-off.
    Doubles - 8 games qualifying
                   - top 3 Teams in a stepladder TV style roll-off.

5.       Prize List
The GPST Division tournament prize list will pay 1 for 3 plus a
Super Senior spot (over 60,65, and 70 with at least 3 entries each), 

The PTBT Open Division tournament prize list will pay a minimum
of 1 for 4 plus a Senior spot over 50 (Must have 5 Senior entries).  
A trophy will be awarded to the champion of each Division.

6.       Dress Code : Bowlers should (not required) wear a shirt with their
last name on the back. No T-shirts of any kind.  Dress/Cargo shorts,
blue jeans, and slack are allowed.
No gym/basketball shorts and No hats during competion. 
NOTE – see Rule 14 - Bowler of the Year - Point System – PTBT.

7.      All bowlers are required to give complete name, address, phone number,
social security number and USBC number.

8.     Lane courtesy of one pair on  each side.  No double-jumping.

9.     Score sheets must be signed and turned in after the end of each squad.
If a bowler withdraws, he must notify the GPST / PTBT Director before
leaving the tournament.

10GPST All-Star Tournament / PTBT Match Play Championship.  
Bowlers must have bowled at least 3 events  during the 2019 season.

11.  Bowling. Balls: All bowling balls must conform to USBC specifications.
The GPST / PTBT  Directors have the right to check any ball.

12.   Check Policy :  No CHECK.

13.   Code of Conduct
  a) Bowler Courtesy – Bowlers will show courtesy/respect to other bowlers
at all times.
  b) Bowlers will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.
  c) Bowlers reported using vulgar language or obscene hand gestures will be
given one warning.
  d)  Any further violations will result in a KOOT (Kicked Out Of  Tournament)
and/or suspension from future events.

14. Bowler of the Year - Point System - PTBT.
1st Place  - $ 250
2nd Place - $ 125
3rd Place  - $  75
4th Place  - $  50

Additional points will be awarded for Dress Code -
1 point - bowling jersey or collared shirt.
2 points - shirt with your name on the back.
Everyone bowling an event earns 5 points.
       (Minus 5 points for No Call / No Show)

Champion  - 25 Points
2 Place   - 20 Points
3 Place   - 15 Points
4 Place   - 10 Points
5th thru Field  -  5 Points

Additional points awarded in desending order based on
number of entries.

Example - 70 Entries - 1st Place    - 5 + 25 + 70 = 100
                                     70th Place - 5 +   0 +   1 =     6


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